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Andrés López "ALL"

Madrid, España

My passion for photography was born at the young age of fifteen, when I began to capture my first images with my father's Zeiss IKon compact camera, thus beginning an exciting relationship with the world of images that led me to the end of the decade from the 80s, to become a professional.

Linked for many years to advertising photography, the music industry and report photography, I have dedicated my last stage to travel to know places, people, customs and traditions of several countries, which resulted in a wide artistic production of which were born several series embodied in several exhibitions in Spain and Europe that have been part of my work to nurture several private collections.

I currently live halfway between Madrid and Venice, and I am working on the "CARNIVALIA" projects (born of the passion for the Venetian carnival that, year after year, since 1990, I have been "capturing") DEEP TREASURES, searching for marine treasures, URBAN LANDSCAPES, through which I trace the footprint of man when man is no longer there, and "EROTOMANIA" in collaboration with the photographer J.M. Magano.

I work between Berlin, Madrid and Venice.


Alternative Processes"

- 2019, Soho Photo Gallery, (New York - USA)

“Deep Treasures”

- 2019,  Swiss Club, (Madrid) 

“Tempus Fugit”

- 2016,  Revela-t Festival (Vilassar de Dalt - Barcelona)


- 2015,   Revela-t Festival (Vilassar de Dalt - Barcelona)

- 2015,   Galería Malone Studio (Madrid)

- 2016,   Palacio Quintanar (Segovia)

- 2016,   Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert (Arizona - USA)

“Secret Portraits” (Epoque) 

- 2011,  Palazzo Monaco Grand Canal (Venecia)

- 2012,  La Salizada Galleria (Venecia)

“MiniArt Project” (As Magall)

- 2012,  MirartePhoto (Palacio del Infantado, Guadalajara)

“Los Pilares del AVE, 20 años 20 imágenes”

- 2010,  Palacio Fernán Núñez (Madrid)

- 2011,  Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno IVAM (Valencia)

- 2011,  Fundación Antonio Saura (Cuenca)

- 2011,  Casa Perona (Albacete)

“Perpetuum Mobile”

- 2010,  Circulo Bellas artes, (Madrid)

“La Laguna en mascara” 

-1999,  La Pasarela Gallería (Madrid)

“Madrid al detalle”

-1997,  Teatro de Madrid (Madrid)

“Venecia, Carnaval y misterio”

-1998,  Centro de Fotografía (Tenerife)

-2010,  Entrefotos XII, Matadero (Madrid)

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